Water Safety

Manase Water Safety Campaign (WSC) was developed by Manase Construction with a goal to equip people of all ages with the skills and knowledge to make informed decisions about their own safety and protect themselves and others in and around swimming pools.


Based on the premise that most people in Botswana do not know how to protect themselves and others around pools, it provides information on water safety. The information is disseminated through posters and flyers at schools and homes. The campaign is designed for kids and their families to help prevent accidental drowning.


The key water safety campaign messages are:

  • Know the pool safety precautions
  • Teach your children how to swim
  • Install a swimming pool fence with an adult only access lock
  • LEARN how to swim


It is important to make your home safe and practice as many water safety steps as possible - you can never know which safety step can save a life, until it does.

Pools can be very dangerous, and by obeying these few simple steps could prevent unnecessary accidents.



Tips for parents/guardians around swimming pools

  • Assign an adult “water watcher” to supervise the pool / spa area or any other body of water, especially during social gatherings. 
  • Assign a second adult to maintain constant visual contact with children in the pool / spa area or any body of water that might attract a child. Don’t assume someone else is watching a child. 
  • Never leave a child alone near a pool / spa, bathtub, toilet, water-filled bucket, pond or any standing body of water in which a child’s nose and mouth may be submerged. 
  • Don’t rely on swimming lessons, life preservers, or any other equipment to make a child “water safe”. 
  • Don’t allow children to play in the pool / spa area unsupervised


With the support of Gaborone Aquatic Centre, Manase sponsors a select number of kids every year to learn how to swim. Gaborone Aquatic Centre offers swimming lessons, coaching and other aquatic disciplines to people of all ages. Manase also sponsors 2 of it’s employees a year to do a 5 week adult swimming class as part of the campaign.  

You can find out more about the campaign and swimming pool safety tips by downloading the information sources below.

  1. Swimming Safety Tips
  2. Water Safety at home
  3. Basics of CPR
  4. Water Safety Brief