Swimming Pool Fencing

It is important to take all safety precautions when you have a swimming pool at home. Make your home safe for your loved ones with a pool fence to ensure restricted entry and avoid any accidents. 

We have a standard height of swimming pool fence, but if you require it to be a certain style and height, the Sales team and workshop manager will be happy to assist you.

Child Safety

Pool fence is used as a safety measure to protect young ones from gaining access to the swimming pool, especially when the caretaker or parent isn’t looking.

Child Locks

As part of our water safety campaign, we have introduced the child-lock which requires someone taller than 1.2m to be able to reach the lock.

Dog Fencing

If what you need is a dog fence that also makes your garden look good, pool fencing is one of the options available from Manase.


Manase’s pool fences can also be used as a decorative boundary fence, keeping young digging hands and pets away from beautiful gardens and borders.


Manase Water Safety Campaign

Manase has developed a  Water Safety Campaign  which aims to educate and inform the public on safety precautions and measures in and around swimming pools.

The Manase Water Safety Campaign has partnered with Gaborone Aquatic Centre (Waterbabies) to sponsor kids between the age of 8-18 years to learn how to swim. For more information please click on this Water Safety link. 



Manase Pool Fencing Document