Palisade Fencing

Our steel palisade is manufactured from the highest quality materials, adding a unique and secure yet aesthetic dimension to any property, be it domestic, industrial or institutional.

The modular designs offer single component repair and superior corrosion resistance to welded systems.

Palisade fencings unique fixing system is:

  • tamper-proof,

  • hidden from view

  • protected against corrosion and rust.

Deterrence is achieved through physical and psychological restraint combined with the risk of early detection due to high visibility.

Manase offers 3 options of Palisade fencing to suit your needs. 

Option 1 – Angle Iron Palisade
Option 2 – Devils Fork 
Option 3 – Manase Silhouette 

Custom Fabricated

We have a fully functional metal workshop that can custom fabricate any design of fence you may require. Our team would be happy to discuss your design or drawings with you to ensure that you get the desired product. All products are fabricated to the highest standard.


This is our most popular palisade fence. The option enables you to design your palisade fence with different style options and pale top options to choose from, you create the ideal security fence for your site. Available at standard sizes of 1.2m, 2.4m, or custom sizes on request.


Silhoutte Styles