Electric Fencing


Be it residential, commercial, industrial or even at farms. We design it to suit your needs.
Our professional team of technicians will immaculately install your electric fence in a minimum delivery period. We also offer Fence Maintenance  to ensure your electric fence is in optimum working condition at all times.
Manase offers 3 main types of electric fencing which are:


We offer 4 different options of electric fencing for private homes, companies and industrial sites.

Option 1 - Round-Bar
  • brackets are painted
  • bobbins  made of recycled plastic
Option 2: Flat-Bar 
  • more durable
  • bobbins are made with 100% plastic with UV resistant properties
Option 3: Square Tube
  • sturdier difficult to bend or break with applied force, brackets
  • has an overhang which makes it more difficult for a potential intruder
Option 4: 12 lines Heavy Duty
  • Heavy Duty solution
  • 1.5m long, tougher and longer lasting



This is a stand - alone electric fence that provides maximum security for your property. We can also install solar panels if requested to power up your fence and energiser. Our freestanding electric fence is commonly installed on big areas of land such as farms, estates, commercial and residential properties. Click to view.



Manase can supply and install piggy back electric fence to structures that already exist on a property. Piggy back can be installed on to diamond mesh, gum poles or palisade. Click to view photos.


Optional Extras

Manase has a wide selection of extras to support your electric fence and strengthen your security requirements. Please contact our Sales team for more information on what add on products are available to maximise security for your home and company.

Personal Safety

Manase offers a range of wall top electric fences tailored to suit your budget and protect your property, giving you peace of mind.



As the authorised agent for ‘Hammer’ energizers, manufactured to SABS & IEC0011, we have a factory trained technician, and carry stock of official components. The EZ range has proved very reliable over the past 10 years.


Custom Made

All Manase installations can be custom manufactured to suit your perimeter fencing designs and security needs.



Ask us for ideas and suggestions on how best to secure your home. With over 10 years experience in fencing installations, we’re experts in our field.



Fences are made from high quality components. Unlike others, we powder coat our brackets and use 100% pure plastic bobbins with added UV protection, ensuring longevity and durability.


Max Security

Ensuring increased security, the Manase piggy-back electric fence can be attached to diamond mesh security fencing.



The voltage on our fences can be between 7000 to 10000 volts (stored energy 6 joules). This operates on a pulsating basis and is therefore nonlethal.

Manase Electric Fencing Document

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