Other Products

Manase also offers other products besides fencing which are made in our workshop. These include:
  • Delta huts
  • Site toilets
  • Sand sieves, and any custom manufacture on request. 
Our delta huts and site toilets are made in our workshop and sold to building and construction suppliers and often individual customers. Delta Huts are commonly used at farms and construction sites to provide storage space or shelter. Site Toilets are also commonly used at construction sites or the farm and work the same way as a pit-latrine.
They are manufactured using quality galvanized material.
We supply standard sizes:
• 2.0m x 0.900m for site toilets
• 2.7m x 2.7m x 3.0m for delta huts
• 1.8m x 0.900m for sand sieves
If you require a different size or design feel free to send an enquiry to our design team or go to “Request a Quote”.